Baseball begins

When my son was three years old, he said to me, "Mom, I really like playing catch with you, even though you aren't that good at it."

He was right. At age three, he surpassed my baseball skills.

Now he's nine years old, and this week baseball season began in our neighborhood. Sure, I'm excited about the games and watching the kids improve their skills week after week, but I'm also excited about walking to the fields and noticing what plants along the path peak week after week.

He rode his scooter ahead of me on our route to the first game. When I finally caught up with him, he asked what took me so long.

"I stopped to see the forsythias," I said.

"Mom, that's what you said last year."

He was right, and I'll probably say it again next year, too.


  1. It's especially fun to see the drawing in your space with the pencil shavings on the side. I also like that you've framed the forsythia with a complementary color.

    Never stop stopping.

  2. Wonderful drawing! Softball and t-ball starts for us in a couple of weeks. (My oldest opted NOT to miss Scouts for Baseball games, but I will miss them.)


  3. Jessy, seems like spring is really here when the spring sports start.