I see skies of blue, clouds of white

It was about a week or two after 9/11 when I ventured out of my neighborhood after days spent close to home, and I took my child to storytime at a library. I was pregnant with my second child at the time.

In the weeks and months after 9/11, I searched and grasped for ways to make sense of everything. What kind of world was I bringing my babies into? I was disappointed - devastated, actually - that I didn't find instant comfort to my questions. But, I slowly learned to find answers in bits and pieces, often arriving from unexpected places.

The first bit of comfort came from a piece of music the librarian sang in storytime that day in September. She sang What a Wonderful World, and I wasn't the only parent, still tender with emotion, who cried at the lyrics as the children sat around the librarian.

Almost ten years later, I am still grateful for the gift the librarian gave me when she sang that song and restored my sense of wonder.

In my research for homeschooling resources and inspiration, I run across authors and educators who understand the importance of wonder. I don't run across them nearly enough, but I'm inspired every time I do. Charlotte Mason understood the importance of wonder, and her encouragement to notice the world is a big part of what draws me to her methods.

I've learned what I'm sure Charlotte already knew: a sense of wonder is not only a delightful habit on good days, it's a habit to pull you through the dark days. I'm passing that habit along to my children, with my prayers for days that are good and skies that are blue.

I haven't worn out the song by listening to it over and over again on youtube tonight, and I invite you to please listen. 

Photo: I took this photo, and dozens more like it, from the Staten Island Ferry, sometime in the last decade.


  1. Excellent thoughts on 'wonder'. You are so right. I also was due to have my baby girl around 9/11. I also wondered what the world was coming to. She was born on 9/16 and was a balm of healing to my heart. Her name is Jenna Rose.So when was yours born and what gender did you have?

  2. Great post. Lovely blog. Do visit my blog too and leave your footprints by posting comments. Cheers!

  3. When flights resumed after 9/11 I was among the handful of passengers in an otherwise empty airport in Kansas City. A couple shared their Krispy Kremes with me. It was wonder-full as well.

  4. Pam: I had a boy! :)
    Nilofer: Nice to meet you.
    Richele: Amazing how little things can be so memorable and appreciated. I bet the couple remembers you too.