This week

 I see other blogging homeschooling moms writing recaps of their weeks, and I like reading them. I thought I'd join in.

Here are some highlights from our homeschooling week:

Story of Inventions
I never expected to include this book on a list of highlights. I confess I'm not fond of this Ambleside Online book selection. When I read it with my daughter a few years ago, it was hard going for both of us. Once she and I stopped trying to figure out how all the machines were supposed to work and focused on the story of perseverance of the inventors, we managed much better. This time around with my son, I'm amazed he understand the machines. Today he grabbed a cardboard box and pencil while I read to him, and he filled the sides of the box with all sorts of diagrams from our reading. His illustrations wound around the container and he turned the box this way and that as he explained his drawings to me. "Who ARE you?" I wondered as I watched him. (I'm not sure why he used a cardboard box, but whatever works, kid, use it.)

Baseball Game
We went to see local college baseball team play a game this week. It was really fun to say in the middle of the day "Hey kids, put the books away. We're going to the ballpark." I love homeschooling.

Prepared for Easter Celebrations
Best holiday of the year.

Photo: We blew eggs and dyed them today. Tomorrow I'll figure out how to hang them.


  1. Neat experience with Story of Inventions. This is one that perhaps we missed (we started in yr5 and 7) but I did look at it and think my ds would have liked it but uh, I must confess, I couldn't have done it with him. Unless of course I were to simply read the words from the page and pretend to understand.
    Perhaps it is a boy thing?
    Hope you have a great weekend & Easter :) Beautiful eggs btw :)

  2. Definitely a boy thing. We didn't like it either...we persevered though.

  3. Blossom and Jeanne: It's has to be a boy thing. I don't get it. :)

    And thanks for the compliment, Blossom, on the eggs. My two cats must have like them too because they broke three of them during the night! Darn cats.

  4. Your eggs are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. We'll be doing Story of Inventions next year and I'm actually looking forward to it because I know James will be into it. Have you used any of the science experiment books recommended by AO? I'm really wanting to get the Science Lab in a Supermarket and hope I'll be able to locate one at a reasonable price. Have you used this one or any other that you might recommend for me and my boy(s)?

  6. Kay, I used Science Lab in a Supermarket with my daughter when she was younger. A friend loaned me her copy of the book. I couldn't find a copy at a reasonable price and our library didn't have it. It's a good book, but I'm not going to use it with my son since I no longer have the book.
    I don't have any science experiment books to recommend, sorry. If either of us finds a good one, shout out.