Habit training: email and a pain in the neck

I didn't check email this morning, and I didn't plan it that way.

My current Mom Habit Training Project is about improving my morning routine. Now that my mornings are going well, I'm noticing little habits that get in my way. Checking email has started to feel like tedious busywork to me, and the risk of spending morning time caught in the online web isn't worth the benefits anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I like my laptop and internet connection, and I love email. I can't imagine how much harder it would be to homeschool without this great resource available and easy-to-use. But, it comes with the price of being too available and it's too easy to whittle away the time. I knew this price, but didn't really feel it until my mornings started going so nicely. Nice mornings take time and attention, and giving my time and attention to my email inbox can't compete anymore, not in the morning.

Again, I'm not knocking the net. I'm not dumping the computer, but I'm dumping the daily "I'm just gonna check my email for a sec" routine in the morning.

I didn't plan this to be my part of my current Habit Training, but it slipped in on its own. What I actually planned to work on next was to increase my physical flexibility by stretching my body in the morning.

I've been feeling neck stiffness lately, and stretching my neck and back and arms to alleviate the discomfort feels really good. I know I need to stretch the rest of my body, too, but (as is common with me),  I forget to do it.

So the plan, which I started this week, is to replace morning email with stretching. I already feel like the habit is in place, and I hope I'm right that it will be an easy habit to maintain.

Photos: Pretty blossoms I've seen recently in a park in the Bronx. They have nothing to do with the post topic, but are simply photos of scenes I like.


  1. I did the same today and it felt great! I resisted the emancipation to come by, and it was the afternoon when I could do so briefly.

    I'm also naturally drifting to leaving computer (email and blog) for the evenings, when my girls are in bed or almost there. I "hate" the laptop's keyboard, and my computer is upstairs. All our morning routines happen downstairs, and if I take the laptop it's just to listen to music, and it's not comfortable to me to write on it, so I've kept to my life without internet interruptions.

    I also meant to comment about math. We are currently going through some phase too, but attention and scaffolding on my part should turn it into a flowing subject once more.

  2. I meant the temptation. I used the speller and I must have hit emancipation. Sorry about that!

  3. Thinking similar thoughts lately. You said it all so graciously. Thanks.

  4. Silvia and Pam - it's nice to meet others are going through similar stages. The irony is that I get encouragement to stay offline from kind people I meet online, lol! Glad to have you here!

  5. oh wow. this was me too. I had to seriously discipline myself in the mornings, and the result was beautiful :)

    of course, now that we've been traveling, I'm going to have to discipline myself to getting back to my computer occasionally! ;)

    amy outta peru {temporarily}

  6. ps. this one would have been a perfect contribution to the carnival as well...

  7. I am in the same boat! I appreciate the honesty! I feel so much better when I discipline myself to NOT check really quick...I mean really?? Like I am expecting something important? NO, I am not. My children and their schooling and their training is MORE important! SO glad to meet others who share the same passions and have the discipline to do better than the norm!
    Thanks for sharing everyone!

  8. I'm so glad you are finding kindred spirits here, Veronica. I'm liking your blog too.

    And so true....I check email too often, but really what's so great in my inbox?!?