Summer in the city, part 1

I made coffee right away this morning - and made it extra strong - and then stashed it in the fridge while we ate a light breakfast and the kids did their math sprints. After that, I poured the cold coffee over ice in a jelly jar and added some milk. Then we were ready to head down to the river for some nature-journal sketching.

I love starting the day like this - I feel like I'm really living when I'm outside, especially in the morning.

After sketching, the kids played and explored for awhile and then we headed home, feeling cool, accomplished, and hungry. I think the kids were surprised when I continued with schoolwork when we got home, but I'm a homeschooling mom and that's what homeschooling moms do. You would think they've caught on to that by now.

Tomorrow morning, probably a repeat of today.

Photo: Flower on the left is white campion. The plant on the right with the long stem and white bulb-like flower is field garlic in bloom. I don't know the name of the flower in the middle, but that's the flower I ended up sketching today. It was a hot and hazy morning, but with iced-coffee, cool morning breeze off the river, and laughing kids, it was bliss. Welcome, summer!


  1. Funny... after a few days of 'not doing anything', I went back to 'our routines'. The girls with no gentle guidance were too cranky and at lost!

  2. I love the personal way you post about doing your nature studies. Lovely and inspiring. Great art too.

  3. Silvia, Oh yeah...too much free time can be, well, too much. That's especially true for me. I do best with some sort of routine.

    Pam, thanks for the nice comment. :)