All's Well in the park

For the second time this season, my daughter and I waited in Central Park for free tickets to see Shakespeare performed at the Delacorte Theater. 

The front of Delacorte Theater, under the trees
When my daughter and I arrived in the park in the morning, about 100 people were in line ahead of us. The theatre holds 1800 people, we were told, so we relaxed during our wait, confident we’d get tickets

The gentleman standing in white played flute for people waiting for tickets, moving down the line one song at a time.

Taking photos inside the outdoor theater isn’t allowed, but pictures taken outside the theater give an idea on how beautiful the place is.

Turtle Pond in the morning, just outside the theater. Belvedere Castle in the background.
View of backstage scaffolding for the set.
View from the castle of of the theater's outdoor seating, evening.

The show was wonderful, and we liked it more than Measure for Measure, which we saw earlier this season. The same cast members were in both productions – and they are the best of the best among actors. The whole experience of being part of the audience of Shakespeare in the Park, from morning until late night, was magical.
Turtle Pond, just before 8pm showtime.
Thank you, Charlotte Mason, for the encouragement to include Shakespeare in our studies. I knew Shakespeare would be good for my kids’ education, but I honestly never knew when I started homeschooling that Shakespeare would be so much fun.


  1. I'm very happy for you. What an incredible place! I only once, before my girls were known, had the pleasure to go to a Shakespeare function in an open theater (not as spectacular as the one you show), and I went with my friends and their two young children... even the kids were amused and intently watching the play. It was great, free, and with excellent actors.
    I need to see if that place, an amphitheater by a beautiful library, still has outdoor plays.


  2. My oldest and I had a chance to visit NY about two years ago. One of our favorite spots in Central Park to sit and work on our Nature Journal was the Shakespeare Garden. We got a picture of the Castle and Belvedere lake before moving on to the Natural History Museum. We were there in May so missed this experience, maybe on my next trip with my younger daughter ;)

  3. {sigh}......

  4. Silvia - do check the place out! They might have something fun to see.

    Grace'n'Chaos - Shakespeare in the Park starts in June and runs for several weeks....just telling you for your next trip. :)

    Veronica - planning a trip soon??