Shakespeare on the rocks

The lady sitting next to me at Much Ado about Nothing said that the apricots are good this year.

I didn't ask about apricots, but she started talking to me after spreading her blanket on the ground in front of the rocks that were the stage. "Some years," she said, "the apricots don't taste like anything, but this year they are good." The apricots at Whole Foods are good and the apricots at the farmers' markets are good too, she assured me. "All of them are good." I told her I hadn't bought apricots yet this year, and she said I should get some. I told her, "I will do that."

The man behind us said hello to a friend of his son and asked what she was doing. She said she was in a pilot for a new TV show and gave him the time and day the show would be on the air. Then he asked about her mom, and she said her mom was doing fine.


An acquaintance of mine brought a short beach chair to the show and told me I could get one for about 25 bucks at the hardware store. I told her I thought that was a good idea, and she said, "It is, it is."

The cast warmed up before the show and someone in the audience said to his friends. "This better be funny."

The lady who told me about the apricots watched me work on my embroidery before the show began and said she used to embroider but doesn't do it anymore. "I made quite elaborate things with many different stitches," she told me, and my friend with the beach chair said to me, "You'd be more comfortable doing that if you had a back rest."

Right before the performance began, I put my embroidery away and the audience quieted, though the director said it was fine if people got up and walked around during the show. He pointed the way to the nearest public bathrooms in the park, and then the show started.

After the show I asked my daughter if she liked it and she said she did. I did too. The director passed the hat, and after that, everyone packed up their things and left.

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