Wednesday is the new Friday

We went to the river this morning to work on our nature journals.

Last year, Friday was the day we worked on our journals, but I think we're going to like our mid-week drawing day this year.

My son picked the location today, and I think he picked it not because of the view or the surrounding nature, but because it has plenty of paved paths for scooter riding.

The riverside is one of my favorite places to be. There is something about being by water that clears my mind and settles my soul - and I'm know I'm not unique in that regard.

I picked a piece of chichory to draw - and I see that I spelled the name incorrectly in my nature journal!

There were plenty of people down by the river, mostly bike riders and dog walkers. No kids, of course, except my own. A man stopped by the table to look at our drawings and said, "Too bad summer vacation is over for you guys," and we nodded. Sometimes I just don't feel like saying, "Oh, it's not really over. We're homeschoolers and we can come to the river even on school days." I just want to do my thing and let others figure it out if they feel like it.

When we got home, the math books were patiently waiting for us, and we settled down to the day's schoolwork.

I had this song on my mind in the morning when we were down by the river. It's one of my favorite songs, and this version is fantastic.


  1. Love being "down by the river"!
    I linked to your blog hoping you will share your personal HSing *favorites* in the Homeschool Meme!

  2. Melissa, thanks for thinking of me and the meme, but I've seen so many answers by great homeschooling moms (including you!)that I don't think I have anything new or interesting to add as answers. Overall, my favorite homeschooling resource is other homeschoolers - I love hearing about what others are doing and then adapting their ideas to our family's homeschool.