Best-laid plans

Our plan was to paint the fall colors on the trees we see across the river. The plan was to draw things we saw in the distance, not something close or that we held in our hand.

We set out in the morning with our sketchbooks, our watercolors, and our plan.

When we got outside, the air in front of our building was weird. "What's that?" we wondered.

Then we laughed because that was fog. I guess it's been awhile since we've been in fog. (I really hope nobody heard us as we wondered aloud what the fog was! How embarrassing!)

The change in the way the air looked and felt turned our familiar walk into an adventure.

This is the spot where we planned to paint the palisades and colorful foliage we would see on the other side of the Hudson River. Our plan didn't account for the fog covering the view.

I chuckled to myself that we were experiencing what Charlotte Mason says, "Education is an atmosphere."

We sketched what we could see close by, and we stayed until the damp air felt chilly. The wind kicked up a bit and we watched the fog start to roll away in wisps that we wished we had captured with our pencils on paper.


  1. I love fog... all mysterious and soft. The archway photo you have is gorgeous btw! And I promise, I am only laughing a little at the "weird air'!

  2. Gillian, thanks for the comment, and for not laughing too hard at me! :)