Looking back at the week

My husband had Monday off from work, and he took the kids for the day. I don't know where they went. I just know I had the morning alone at home, and I ate a chocolate bar for breakfast. 

The public school was on break this week in the city. When I saw children out and about during the day on Tuesday, I had forgotten about the break and wondered, "Shouldn't these kids be in school?" 

I don't particularly like when people ask me that question when we're out and about during school days, but I try to be patient because it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see kids during a weekday, too.

View from an elevated train platform in the Bronx.

On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment for an out-patient procedure. During the procedure, the doctor said, "You are so brave," and later, "You're doing so very, very well." It's nice to be reassured, but I had to suppress a giggle. The procedure was only momentarily uncomfortable and the doctor is a specialized expert. I felt lucky to be in the fancy office in a trendy part of town being able to afford good medical care thanks to insurance. Many people in the world are in true pain without medical care, and I felt privileged, not brave. But, the nice words were cozy to hear.

Shadows on houses in the Village.

After the doctor appointment, I headed to the grocery store, but not before twisting my ankle while walking down the sidewalk. My ankle didn't start hurting until after I got home with a backpack full of groceries, thank goodness, but I spent the evening watching my ankle swell and complaining about the pain. Nobody told me I was brave or doing so very, very well - probably because I whined a lot.

I spent Thursday at home, hobbling around, but sent the kids outside for fresh air after our schoolwork was finished. They reported that flowers are blooming in the park gardens, hooray!

Friday morning at the diner.

The weather was blustery on Friday so instead of heading to the park, my son and I had breakfast at a diner while my daughter was at music lessons. The waiter was crabby, as usual, but the Legos on our table made him smile. He handed my son the check when we were finished, which made me smile.

Today, Saturday, one kid is at his martial arts class with my husband and another is at the community theater with her friends.  Before leaving this morning my son asked me what I was going to do today, and I said, "I plan to enjoy the quiet." He said, "That doesn't sound like much fun." But, in small doses, it is fun.


  1. I just love to hear you talk, thanks for this lovely conversation at your corner. You made me smile too.
    I hope your ankle is fine... enjoy your weekend

  2. Quiet time is nice, in moderation! Hope your ankle feels better soon!

  3. You had me at "chocolate bar for breakfast"!

    Hope your ankle is feeling better. You are very, very brave. :)

  4. "and I felt privileged, not brave. But, the nice words were cozy to hear." what a great reflection! On the other hand you are so brave to endured your ankle pain, that hurts so bad and takes forever to heal! I hope it gets better quick.

  5. Silvia & Gillian: my ankle is back to normal - thanks for the well wishes.

    Eddie & Natasha: it's nice to see new names here - thank you for making the time to comment!