CM Carnival!!

Hello all!

It's been awhile since I've posted on my blog, but today marks the day for a Charlotte Mason Carnival! I'm running a bit behind setting up the carnival here on my blog, and I ask you to please check back late tonight for the carnival entries. Oh, the anticipation!

Thank you to everyone who submitted blog posts to the carnival. And, thank you to everyone for your patience while I lag behind...the carnival is coming!


  1. Oh, no worries... we are patiently counting the minutes... LOL... no, seriously. It is such a treat you are hosting the carnival.

    I finally 'made it' this time. I am not to forget anymore, I should not!


  2. Silvia, thanks so much for participating in the Carnival! I was so happy to see your name and your post. I read through them all tonight, and now have to go back to read more slowly and savor the articles. Will you submit another post for the next Carnival?