Walk it off

Today was one of those days.

Everything I did, I fumbled. Every thought I had was jumbled.

Lunch? Burnt.
Art project? Missing supplies.
Covering grammar with the kids today? Well, I guess it wouldn't be a stretch to say we covered interjections, but I really don't want to hear a narration of that lesson.

Not a Good Day.

Then, this evening, I had to take a walk. I didn't want to take a walk. I wanted to go to bed instead.and avoid the minimal effort of going outside on this "sure feels like winter" evening. But, it was after dark, and I had to walk my daughter's friend home after a visit.

And, as always happens whenever I take a walk, my mood lifted. Just like that. The day ended as a Good One.

Day 5: Grateful for a simple walk outdoors.

(When I put on my warm coat for the first time this season, I found a few bucks in the pocket. Whoohoo. I'm grateful for that surprise too.)


  1. LOL... did you read Barb's last post. It is almost the same... the day she was burned she went for a walk and everything started to be much better.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Just in case...

  3. Silvia, I did not read Barb's post, but I'll go do that right now. It's a lesson I need to re-learn all the time: walks make things better. Thanks for directing me to her post.

  4. this. is. EXACTLY. the. same for me.
    i wish i'd force myself outside more often! like every 15 minutes on hard days... ;)

    i was so glad to read your latest posts. thanks for being encouraging.