Blooms happen

Earlier this week on a morning walk, I looked over pathway along the river and - once again - saw no green. How tiresome.

I said, "Where is the green this year? Why aren't those trees changing? The trees in the park are changing, but these trees aren't. Why not? What's wrong with them?"

My daughter said, "Most of those trees are black locust trees. They are late bloomers."

Oh. Of course.

We turned around to walk home. We saw a forsythia plant in bright yellow,

and other bushes with buds tight and brown.

The Japanese pagoda trees are dropping last year's seed pods all over the sidewalk, and we saw some trees hinting at green to come. 

Shall we give the forsythia an A for blooming early? Should we call them gifted or above average for their timing? Should the locust trees get a failing grade for being slow. Is the locust lazy? Should we try to fix the locust so it blooms when the forsythia bloom?

Of course not. That's absurd.

I met a mom of a five-year old whose teacher is concerned because the child doesn't writes all her letters properly. I thought of that mom and child (and the teacher, too) when I looked at the locust trees and my daughter reminded me that they will indeed bloom.


  1. God has a perfect plan for everything and for every individual. Nature will take its course in due season. Things will bloom and people will develop, all in His perfect timing.
    I am so thankful that I have kept my children home with me so I could nurture them and give them the time that they have needed to develop.
    My son was a late reader. Teachers definitely would have questioned his abilities. Now, thanks to us giving him time to develop in to the reader God would have him to be, in god's timing, He is a great reader. Almost9, 9 1/2 years old before he developed in to a reader, but he reads. That's late for most teachers, God's perfect timing for us.

  2. Oh, and tell your daughter, "Great job in Science today. " She's very intelligent.

  3. What a lovely analogy! Thank you so much for this - it is too true and a reminder that children are born persons that are each unique.

    Sursum Corda,

  4. Homeschooler's will always surprise you when you least expect it. We go through this all the time. Matthew is the animal, nature, etc. scientist and Sarah is my computer tech, artist, anything literature and photographer. They both voice their knowledge at times. I do have to overcome my pride when my little 11yr Sarah has to show me how to do something on my laptop. I enjoyed reading your blog & look forward to coming back.

  5. Traci, Nancy, and Elton - If only everyone could see what we see...that the children will bloom in their own time. And doesn't that make the world all the more interesting?!

    Traci, I'll pass your compliment on to my daughter. She has always had an interest in plants and retains information about them much better than I do. I am in the habit of going to her with my questions about plants.

    Elton, isn't it a delight to have kids who know so much?! Thanks for being here and commenting.

  6. Ditto Nancy, I loved your analogy and am sure to revisit that picture for some time to come.

    That yellow amidst the grays and browns in the city was dazzling. It came on like a great big yellow shout.

    ...and if I were playing "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" my son wouldn't definitely be my life-line.

  7. Heather, I know what yu mean about having to ask your daughter questions about plants. My son is like that about most types of Science. I'm the teacher and he has to enlighten me most of the time.

  8. LOL, Richele, about the life-line.

    Traci, somehow you have the idea that my name is Heather - maybe because my first posting on the blog was about heather plants? I do like that name, but it's not mine.
    I feel lucky to be around my kids every day and see them grow.

  9. I just checked my email. I don't know what I was thinking. I am sooooo sorry for calling you Heather. I even have you listed as Heather on my friend's list. I'll change that. Please accept my appologies?

  10. Traci: No worries at all! I'm the youngest of four daughters....I never get called by the right name, even by my mother! :)