Soccer mom, Charlotte Mason style

Thank you, Charlotte Mason, for giving me the idea of working on my nature journal during my kids' soccer practices.  

My daughter looked forward to her first soccer practice of the season this week. I looked forward to time by myself to draw in nature.

My kids think I'm an enthusiastic soccer fan - which I am! - but I admit I like the practices because  the time to work on something by myself is precious, precious.

This week, I snipped a twig from a blooming spicebush, glanced at my daughter's team drilling their skills, and settled down with a thermos of coffee and my sketchpad. By season's end, I'll want iced-coffee, but today I needed it hot.

(I do watch the games.)


  1. Ooh, soccer practice does sound wonderful! Have any other soccer moms gotten captured by the same idea?

    Your sketches and paintings are beautiful. My "mother culture" goal is to finally break through the wall and find my own style.

  2. Great way to do enjoy two things simultaneously! I am not a soccer mom but definitely a NS loving one! Very nice.

  3. Richele, At the homeschooling group's soccer, the moms usually sit together and gab. It's during the community league soccer practices when I sketch, and I don't know what the other moms do or where they are. Two different groups with two totally different cultures (and I like them both, for different reasons).

    Sheri - NS was a big reason I fell in love with CM. (Sounds like I'm talking in code with the abbreviations.)

  4. Forgot to say to Richele - I'm glad you're working on Mother Culture (though I really don't like that term...sounds like a sour-dough starter!). It's really great for the whole family when mom gets some time to create and recharge.

  5. Glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth when I read your comment! I will NEVER think of Mother Culture in the same way again.