Book recommendation

While walking along Fifth Avenue by Central Park the other afternoon, a tourist asked me how to get to Fifth Avenue. That was an easy question to answer.

A little bit later, another tourist asked me if I could help him find the shoe. That wasn't such an easy question to answer. I saw he had shoes on both his feet. "Can you tell me where to find the shoe?" he repeated. "A shoe store?" I asked him. "The shoe, the shoe," he said back to me. After a few times of saying, "shoe" to each other, I figured out that he wanted to find the zoo, and I sent him on his way.

I ran into a friend and we sat next to each other for awhile. She asked, "Reading anything scientific lately?" and I said, "Not really." I bought an iced-coffee, read a magazine article, and then picked up my daughter from a book-making workshop. She showed me the cool books she made, and we walked across the park to attend a lecture together. Later we met my husband and son for dinner. Dinner conversation turned into a series of puns, as it often does, everyone trying to outdo the others with lame jokes.

Before going to bed, I looked on my bookshelf for something about science to read. Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel caught my eye. I put on some background music, made a cup of tea, and stayed up too late reading.

Photos: Top: Fifth Avenue next to Central Park, in between rain bursts. Bottom: Conservatory Water where Stuart Little sails in a boat. Nobody was sailing on this day, but there was a pair of mallards on the pond.


  1. I enjoy your writing style a lot. I'm truly glad you are now part of my blogging friend's circle!
    Definitely the book looks soooo good. One thing is for sure, with all of you, friends, I will not run out of good reads in several lifetimes!

  2. Thanks for the nice words, Silvia. And so true about all the book recommendations - I really like reading about what other people are reading.

  3. I agree, I love reading other blogs and finding great books to read. I am an advid reader.

  4. Wow! glad you got "the shoe" figured out :) NYC ought to put you on their payroll as a city guide.