Week in review

It rained again today.

"It's not really raining," said my daughter. "It's more of a sprinkle or maybe a drizzle. But it's not really raining." 

"It will stop soon," said my son.

"Let's just go. Grab the ping pong stuff," I said.

We headed out the door and ran between the raindrops to the park. The kids set up the net across the wet table, and they played ping pong in the rain.

A lady walking by said to me, "It's raining." I nodded in agreement. "Yes," I said, "it's raining."

"Are those your kids?" she asked. I nodded and said, "Yes, they're mine."

"They're playing in the rain," she said. I nodded again and said, "Yes, they are."

I smiled at her, and she looked as if she thought we were nuts. But we didn't feel half as nutty as we would have felt if we spent another afternoon indoors.

The kids read a bunch of books and did some math and science this week, too.

Photos: At the park today.


  1. Good for you! Playing in the rain it's our favorite. You know it's not true you get sick from that, you do if you stay on wet clothes and freezing for long, but I'm sure you have dry clothes and the heat waiting for you in your home.

    Here in Houston, it's mostly hot, the moment there is a bit of cold, everybody refrains from going outside. I sometimes stay because I feel "nuts" ha ha ha, alone in the park or street, but the fact is that if you were proper clothes, you can have your outdoors time so needed.

    Did you read "Last Child in the Woods?" I always think of this book when we go outdoors, and how we sadly have changed for the worst and are living locked in four walls more and more, with all the true insanity that THAT implies.

  2. Silvia, I agree about the clothes. There is a saying that there is no such things as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

  3. This is funny. The nice lady that was so worried over you all playing in the rain would have had a stroke at our house a few weeks ago. We are studying weather so naturally when bad weather came up a few weeks ago my children grabbed the video camera and camera and ran to the porch to see if they could catch lightning on the camera. (Those typical CM homeschoolers)
    We don't normally go out when it is lightning, but we play in the rain all the time.