Week's highlight: a five-minute walk

The last stop on the uptown 1 train is in the Bronx. 

Outdoor subway station in the Bronx.

The kids and I rode the subway to the end of the line last week, and then we walked for about five minutes until we reached the lake.

Bronx, not far from busy Broadway.

The kids dug for worms, baited their hooks, and fished from the shore in the middle of a school day.

My son, ready for a nibble.

A cormorant swam by, holding a fish in its mouth, before diving under the water in front of us. The bird was the only one to catch a fish that day.

After awhile, we headed home with muddy shoes.

I'm glad the kids bait their own hooks (and release their own fish, if they catch any) because I don't like that part of fishing. The parts I like are the waiting, watching, walking.


  1. Amazing. What a breathtaking view. The picture with your son in it is simply a MASTERPIECE. Composition, depth, colors, atmosphere... everything is perfect and warm, and moving!

  2. Yes, a beautiful spot in the city. I am such a country girl. You are educating me! Have you always been in the city?

  3. I was just thinking exactly what Silvia said about that picture!

    I'm with you. I just like the waiting, watching and walking, too.

    Admiration, Hope and Love,


  4. Silvia and Nancy, You have no way of knowing that your nice compliments on the photo were a spark I needed on a stressful day. Thank you!

    Pam, I am not from NYC but I moved here 16 years ago from the midwest, and I think I'll always live here.

  5. I am like Pam, I am a country girl. I love fishing, camping, & all that goes along with it. Strange thing though, I'm not a big fish eater.