Mixed emotions today

Good Friday is a tough day to understand.  I always feel mixed emotions, as I'm sure others do, too.

As I sat in evening services tonight, listening to the somber songs and scripture, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the pastor's wife asked my daughter to share her bulletin with her. There weren't enough programs to go around and the pastor's wife gave her copy away.

It was just a small moment, nothing big at all. When the pastor's wife asked to share my daughter's bulletin, she probably picked the most convenient person to her. But, even so, the feeling I got as I watched the two of them together out of the corner of my eye was comfort.

Lately I've been feeling bombarded with negative, provoking energy from the world, and I feel sad and disappointed about the behavior of others - and about my own behavior. But tonight in church, I felt comfort being with people who came to church on a cold Friday night to contemplate silently, but together, what today means.

I didn't expect this to happen on Good Friday, but I felt filled with positivity in that quiet room tonight, so filled that there was no more room in me for the negativity and disappointment I've absorbed lately. It was so easy to let the negativity go after sitting in silence and thinking of bigger things beyond myself.

I expected to feel sad and a bit confused as I usually do on Good Friday, but instead, this year I felt comfort.

Photo: Detail of a building on Madison Avenue.


  1. A testimony that light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it!

  2. Richele, I'm so glad for the light, in so many different ways.