I'm with Louis

I stood at the sink ten years ago, on a day after 9/11, washing dishes and thinking that no matter what happens, I will still make meals, clean, and take care of the children. 

That made me feel like I had power. No matter how chaotic and confusing the world was after two planes flew into tall towers in my city, I had power that didn't change. My power came from something simple: caring for others.

I noticed the weather that day and in the days that followed, and I wasn't the only one who did. People commented, often, how beautiful the weather was. Maybe we were surprised that the blue skies didn't protect us, but we now felt we wanted to protect the blue skies.

And, I remember the people in my neighborhood pulled tightly together and were kind, so kind to each other. Simple kindness felt very important.

This song is my response to that day.

I know I've posted this song before, and I just might do it again someday. The song means a lot to me, and I like hearing it. 

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