Nature journal: Pete and Repeat

This week it was my daughter's turn to pick our nature journal place, and she picked the same place my son picked last week.

"We went to the river last Wednesday," I said.

"I know," said my daughter.

"And we've been there twice since then," I said.

"I know," said my daughter.

"Well, we always have a good time there," I said, and my daughter said, "I know."

A hazy morning on the river today.

My son discovered another sport he loves: running. The past few days on our morning walks, he has been practicing his long-distance running and building his endurance. Today was no exception. He ran ahead of me as we walked to the river, and then ran back to where I was on the path, and then ran ahead, and then ran back. By the time we got to our sketching spot, he had a full workout accomplished.

The place was empty this morning. We all sketched for awhile, and then the kids worked on their Spanish homework together before playing on the shore, on the rocks, on the lawn.

After our morning outside, we did schoolwork, ate lunch, ran errands, did chores.

Next Wednesday? It will be my turn to pick a place and I have somewhere in mind, but we might end up at the river again.

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  1. That is a nice spot, can't blame them for picking it ; )