Charlotte Mason Carnival: Syllabus and lots of links

Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Carnival for September 18, 2012!

The theme for this carnival is
Principle #13
In devising a SYLLABUS for a normal child, 3 points - (a) He requires much knowledge, (b) varied, and (c) communicated in well chosen language.

Not everyone who submitted blog posts to the Carnival this month connected with Principle #13, but as we all know, Charlotte Mason advised us to make our own connections. All ideas connected to a CM education are welcome. At this party, the more ideas, the merrier. Let's get to them:

* LindaFay at Higher Up and Further In shares a blog post about Mother Culture. Mother Culture has been on my mind quite a bit these past few months, and I thank LindaFay for writing about the topic. You'll find the post at Mother Culture: What it Is and What it Is Not. As a second entry into the carnival, LindaFay also writes How to Teach Your Child to Outline.
* Celeste and Angela are friends who write a blog together, and they are joining the Charlotte Mason Carnival for the first time. Celeste shares her post First Grade in our Home and Angela sends in a Progress Report about kindergarten. Welcome to the Carnival and welcome to homeschooling Charlotte Mason style!
* Looking for inspiration about Bible memory work? This blog post at Journey-and-Destination might be the spark you needed: Bible Memory.
*   Check out the post Ultimate Guide to Nature Study at Our Journey Westward. It's a post worth bookmarking as a resource.
For ideas about those precious years of early childhood, read Preparing your little ones for a Charlotte Mason Education at HomeGrownBabies.
I can relate to the submission by Jimmie's Collage! See what I mean at Being the Homeschool Oddball.
Hearts and Trees pulled a winner from her archives entitled Why Include Handicrafts in your Home School? I can always use inspiration about useful handicrafts.
* We have not one but two lovely submissions by Nancy at Sage Parnassus. Joy Reigns and Constitution Day. Nancy finds the best books and ideas to share with us. She knows what we like!
* I've been following Harmony Art Mom for quite awhile, and this post is an example why: Picture Study Using Art Calendars. 
* And look at this! A blog post at Letters from Nebby about this Carnival's theme! Whoohoo! You'll find a thoughtful commentary about Principle #13 at A Varied Education. Thank you, Nebby!
Barb at Handbook of Nature Study has wonderful advice for a problem many of us face. Read her words of wisdom at Nature Study: Struggling With Consistency and Focus.
* The blog On Just a Couple of Acres was noticed by a fellow homeschooler, who suggested that the blog post about using the Bible as a primary curriculum be submitted to the Carnival. I love the spirit of encouraging others to join in the Carnival. Here's the post (plus beautiful photos): Our Home Education Program.
* One of the many things I personally love about Charlotte Mason is that her ideas go beyond academics. Educating Mother gives us an example of this in her post Good Health is not only a Blessing but a Duty.
* Big cheers for another blog post about the Carnival theme. Thank you, Silvia at Homeschooling in a Bilingual Home, for A Syllabus for a Normal Child.
* Epi Kardia's contribution this month is sure to intrigue those of us who love etymology. And doesn't everyone love etymology? Check out: King Alfred's English: A History of the Language We Speak - a Must-read! 
* Do we have any readers among us? Yes, I thought so. All you readers will enjoy thinking about the ideas at Dewey's Treehouse: In which we remain stubbornly attached to our squiggly lines and paper pages (Response to "Literature is the new [dead] Latin").
* And then we have Shakespeare. Amy at Fisher Academy shares super-great ideas about reading and comprehending Shakespeare with your kids. I could have used this post a couple of years ago, Amy! But whether you're just starting out with Shakespeare studies or are experienced, you'll get some good ideas at Shakespeare: Cymbeline.

*  *  *  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The next Charlotte Mason Carnival will be hosted by North Laurel on October 2, 2012. The topic is Principles #14 & 15 - (14) Children should 'tell back' after a single reading or hearing: or should write on some part of what they have read. (15) A single reading is insisted on, because children have naturally great power of attention; but this force is dissipated by the re-reading of passages, and also, by questioning, summarising.

For information about submitting a blog post the Charlotte Mason Carnival, please click here

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Thank you to everyone who submitted articles and a special thanks to people who encourage bloggers by reading posts and leaving comments.


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