Election day gratitude

It was easy to pick today's gratitude item. On election day, I feel grateful for the right to vote. No further comment necessary. You get the gratitude, I'm sure.
On our morning walk.

I walked to the poll this morning with the kids, but the line was out the door and down the block, and we kept walking. I went back later on my own, and the place was much less chaotic.

Tonight my teen and I watched the results come in. At the next presidential election, she will be old enough to vote. When I mentioned that to her, I think even she was surprised at how fast time is going. 

We added current events "formally" to her studies about a year or so ago, and tonight I saw her in a new light as we discussed the election, the candidates, the issues. She's turning into a young lady, and I'm grateful about that and a little sad too.

Day 6 Gratitude: Voting.

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