First of the season

We were outside yesterday morning when it started to rain, and we were outside afternoon when it started to snow. Last evening, my husband and son were outside with the snow accumulated, and the kids and I were outside this morning as the snow melted away to slush and then to mush and then nothing at all.

The view on our morning walk today.

Day 8 Gratitude: I'm grateful for cloudy, cozy, snowy days, for being in them, and from coming inside from them.

(I skipped Day 7, but I'll quickly scribble down that I'm grateful for homeopathy and the way it soothed my cold and sore throat yesterday.)


  1. I can't really imagine snow yet here in the South. But we have had some very chilly days. Your snowy walk is beautiful!

  2. Hi Leah C. Thanks for commenting. The snow quickly melted, but we are hoping for a snowy winter this year.